• 01-amirandes-luxury-resort-in-crete
  • 02-palms-and-lagoons-amirandes-hotel
  • Amirandes crete palm trees and lagoons
  • Sea view restaurants and palmed fridged lagoons
  • Unique and inspired hospitality
  • 06-amirandes-hotel-main-pool-crete-greece
  • Amirandes a sparkling exclusive resort
  • An impression of floating on the surrounding water
  • Beachfront restaurants amirandes
  • Amazing views of the lagoon
  • Fine dining amirandes lago di candia
  • Enjoy a memorable dinner on the beach at amirandes
  • Crete avant garde
  • An island water paradise
  • Amirandes extraordinary and luxurious services
  • Beachfront private dining
  • 17-amirandes-luxury-hotel-restaurants
  • Dining experience at amirandes floating desk

A sparkling exclusive resort on the coast of east Crete

A world of style and Cretan warmth

Palm trees and lagoons